To help you grow an impactful, sustainable coaching business to achieve powerful, lasting results for your clients!

Free Breakthrough Strategy Session
This will likely be the most valuable 30-45 minutes that you invest in your coaching business this year!
Live Training
We love giving value to our community. We offer weekly one-to-one live training sessions in our Manchester office for Mission-Driven Life Coaches. 
  • Accelerator:  You get our actual Accelerator program with all the resources
  • Live Training: Our done-for-you program is delivered live in-person with online sessions
  • Q&A: In-depth live Q&A
  • Fun: We'll have a ton of fun and complementary coffee, teas, biscuits with awesome view for you!
Free Training
We offer a FREE 14 day Business Growth Strategy training program for 10 mission-driven life coaches to help you through optimising and evolving your branding, differentiation, positioning and marketing automations so you can impact more people through your life-changing coaching! 
  • Accelerator:  You get our actual 31 Day Accelerator program with all the resources
  •  Q&A: In-depth live Q&A
Customer Success Stories
 We believe in delivering profound results because our customer success is our success. The only thing that we care about is getting our clients awesome results. 
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