At Alchemic Coach, we help life coaches grow & scale an impactful, sustainable business that generates a consistent, steady flow of high-ticket clients so you can do less, earn more by charging high-ticket price and have more time for the things that are important to you!
Battle-Tested, Proven Business Growth Strategies From Another Dimension
Battle-Tested, Proven Business Growth Strategies From Another Dimension
Our 2.0 Battle-Tested, Proven Done-For-You Program Methodology and Strategy overview
Differentiation Through Value Creation Strategies
We help you differentiate yourself from the rest of your market by evolving & optimising your foundations like your offer and message...

We get you on the same wavelength as your ideal clients and make them compete to work with you. Become a dangerously productive, hyper-focused superhuman using powerful tools!
Proven, Targeted Digital Marketing Strategies
We implement battle-tested, proven targeted organic & paid digital marketing strategies to help you generate high-ticket clients...

And help you dominate your market by architecting & unleashing a dangerous 7-figure campaign so you can ran laps around your competition, and eat their lunch and dinner!
We implement proven business growth strategies and build the full-stack - an end-to-end client acquisition system, and manage it all for you
so you can be hyper-focused on coaching to achieve powerful, lasting results for your clients!
Our 2.0 Done-For-You Program - Proven Methodology
Transcend Your Business

1. Ethos - Mission, principles, values

2. Differentiation - Branding, positioning, high-ticket offer, message resonance

3. Superhuman - Hyper-focus, do less, earn more

4. Prepare for Battle - Automations, hyper-systematisation, powerful tools

5. Secret Weapon - Proven organic & paid targeted digital marketing strategy 

6. Domination Genesis - Launch,  dominate,  get high-paying clients

7. Evolving Kingdom - Transcend your business, evolve, scale to the moon
1. Ethos 
Your ethos is the fire and fuel. Without it you cannot lift off to grow & scale your coaching business to the moon!

Define your Ethos - your mission, principles, values, vision... 

We optimise our strategy and everything that we do towards achieving your ultimate vision and mission using your principles as the foundations.

Ethos - your why and why does your business exist?

Vision -  where do you want to take your business?

Mission - how will you get to your vision?

Values & Principles - we help you define fundamental truths or propositions that you'll have as the foundation for you, your team and clients belief system, behaviour and chain of reasoning 
2. Differentiation
Most life coaches sound the same as hundreds of others, there's no real differentiation to show your uniqueness...

Trying to differentiate at the marketing, website or social media level is like putting a bandage on a broken knee!

Branding - we optimise your branding to help you differentiate yourself through value creation; a battle-tested, proven method to differentiate you and your coaching business.

Positioning - we position you as the expert in your market and make your clients compete to work with you.

Escape Charging for Hours - we help you evolve and optimise your offer to create a high-ticket offer so you can charge high-price based on value so you can escape charging for hours.

Message - we get your message to resonate with your market and get on the same wavelength as them.
3. Become Superhuman
80% of the things that you do only gets you about 20% of the results. And the other 20% gets you 80% of the results.

We help you eliminate distractions and focus on the 20% of the actions that really move the needle!

Hyper-focus - we help you become a dangerously hyper-focused superhuman using powerful, easy-to-use tools

Do less, earn more - we help you do less, earn more so you can have more time for the things that are important to you
4. Prepare for Battle
The reason most coaching businesses can't scale and hit an invisible "glass ceiling" is because they don't have the right systems, automations and tools. 

Decentralized - we help you evolve your coaching business to a decentralized model that requires as little of you as possible 

Automations - we setup end-to-end, proven, battle-tested automations and systems to prepare you for battle... Helps you save time by cutting down admin work etc so you can do less work but get paid more!

Hyper-Systematisation - we hyper-systemise your coaching business so you can do things like accept credit card over the phone... 

5. Secret Weapon
Depending on your circumstances; we either implement an organic or paid client acquisition method - or both!

We architect your targeted digital marketing campaign using proven, scientific methods to help you find clients from the deepest trenches in the market - this will become your most powerful secret weapon...

Strategy - we architect a cohesive targeted digital marketing strategy that will generate a consistent, steady flow of clients for you. Getting you results is the only thing we care about!

Secret Weapon - with our campaign, we stimulate and tickle your client’s nerves by providing them with a value-packed offer that grabs their attention and creates a response. Next-level strategies that work like magic.

6. Domination Genesis 
Once we have your (7-figure) targeted digital marketing campaign ready, then we launch and unleash your most powerful secret weapon the right way to dominate your market and overthrow your competition...

Launch - we launch your targeted digital marketing campaign the right way to find your ideal customers from the deepest trenches in the market.

Domination - we help you run laps around your competition by scaling the campaign to high-figures, then we maintain and manage your secret weapon to get  better Return on Investment (ROI: strategy sessions > close with one phone call  = new coaching client) 

Manage - we manage everything for you so you can just focus on coaching to get profound results for your clients. You can overview the campaign performance and ROI from one dashboard that gives you all the key metrics and KPI's.

7. Evolving Kingdom - * BONUS *
Transcend your business, Evolve to the next-level, Scale to the Moon, Dominate - only revealed to our clients...

Meet your prospects heart to heart using proven, ethical sales methods so you can close with 1 phone call...
If you're a Life Coach who wants to do less, earn more so you can have more time & have a reliable, consistent flow of high-paying clients that you achieve powerful, lasting results for...
Or you want to evolve your coaching business to a more sustainable, systemised & automated model so you can break the "invisible glass ceiling" to generate £10K+ per month and BECOME Stress Free about finances... 
AND want to have a widely recognised brand, escape charging for hours and instead have a value-based, high-ticket offer that you charge high price for...
You must differentiate yourself at the fundamentals-level if you want to dominate your market and scale your coaching business to high-figures and not sound the same as hundreds of other people!
We don't use guesswork - we use battle-tested, proven scientific methods & strategies that are so radically different and work like magic it's like they're from another dimension.
We go against the norm and the way everyone is doing things in the market.  We help our clients differentiate themselves at the fundamentals-level through value creation then generate them their dream clients through proven targeted digital marketing strategies. AND it gets our clients profound results.
You could spend a few years of your life, a lot of money and resources trying to figure it all out yourself then feel like you're doing so much, earning so little, having no time left for anything else and constantly thinking about it...
And also have no time left to actually coach & achieve powerful, lasting results for your clients because you're spending 20 hours a day trying to generate new business, blogging, tweeting, podcasting, writing your book...
100 emails back & forth, 20 phone calls, 200 messages 
To improve efficiency, productivity, communication and the result that you get - we have ditched the old ways of doing things like calling or sending 100 emails back and forth to get the information that we need to do our magic to help you grow your coaching business, get clients!  All you want is RESULTS, not sending hundreds of emails back and forth.

 ✓  Call Sessions - we've eliminated the need for calling or sending hundreds of emails back & forth to get the information that we need by doing weekly calls; this saves you time, improves productivity and gets you better results. 

Fun & Better Results - we have fun during our sessions; you get to learn how our battle-tested, proven strategies work and what will be the results that you get, we do live Q&A and we get all the information that we need to do our work right on the call.

20X Productivity - we have architected an efficient, easy to use and safe way of managing all the project files and materials so you can access them 24/7. All the resources, materials, docs... everything, in one place - makes your experience easy, improves communication and productivity 20X.
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